Tonies is an interactive audio toy that promotes reading and storytelling for young children. It consists of a Toniebox speaker and a range of Tonies characters that represent different stories or books. Children can place a Tonies character on the Toniebox, and the speaker will play the corresponding audio content, which could be a story, a song, or other audio content.

Tonies is useful for promoting reading and storytelling because it provides a fun and interactive way for children to engage with stories and books. It encourages children to use their imagination and develop their language skills while also promoting a love of reading and storytelling.

In a public library setting, Tonies can be used in a variety of ways to promote reading and storytelling skills in young children. Here are a few possible ways that Tonies could be used in a library:

  1. Storytime: The library can use Tonies during storytime to play audio versions of books and engage children in conversation related to the book. This can be a fun and engaging way to promote reading and develop comprehension skills.
  2. Reading Programs: The library can offer reading programs that incorporate Tonies, such as reading challenges or book clubs. Tonies can be used to engage children in audio versions of books, songs, or other audio content related to the theme of the program.
  3. Drop-in Activities: The library can offer drop-in activities where children can explore and play with Tonies at their own pace. This can be a fun and engaging way to promote reading and storytelling skills, while also providing a safe and welcoming space for children to spend time at the library.
  4. Parent-Child Workshops: The library can offer workshops for parents and children to learn about how to use Tonies to promote reading and storytelling skills at home. This can be a great way to provide parents with tools and strategies to support their child's reading development.

Some of the different Tonies characters include classic fairy tales like "Hansel and Gretel" and "The Three Little Pigs," popular children's books like "The Gruffalo" and "The Very Hungry Caterpillar," and characters from popular TV shows like "Paw Patrol" and "Peppa Pig."

The Tonies Speaker is a small, cube-shaped device that plays audio content when a Tonies character is placed on top of it. The speaker uses NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to recognize the Tonies character and play the corresponding audio content. The speaker is easy to use and portable, making it great for on-the-go storytelling and reading activities.

Overall, Tonies is a great tool for engaging library patrons in reading and storytelling experiences that promote language development and encourage imagination and exploration. The library can work with educators or specialists to develop programming or curriculum around Tonies, and can tailor the activities to meet the needs and interests of the library's patrons.

Toniebox and Tonies

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