Hummingbird Kit

The hummingbird Kit is an educational tool designed to teach students about robotics and programming. The kit includes a microcontroller board, various sensors and actuators, and a visual programming environment called "Snap!" that allows students to easily create programs that control their robotic creations. The Hummingbird Kit is designed to be used in classrooms and other educational settings to help students learn about technology, engineering, and programming in a fun and engaging way.



Getting Started

  1. Acquisition: The library would need to purchase a Hummingbird Kit, which typically includes a microcontroller board, sensors, motors, and other components.
  2. Curriculum development: The library can work with educators or STEM specialists to develop programming or curriculum around the Hummingbird Kit, such as a robotics workshop or a coding class.
  3. Instruction: The library can offer workshops or classes on how to use the Hummingbird Kit, which can be open to all ages or targeted to specific age groups, such as teens or tweens.
  4. Project building: Participants can then use the Hummingbird Kit to build their own robotic creations, which can be designed to solve a problem or perform a specific task. For example, they could build a robot that can draw pictures, or a robot that can navigate through a maze.
  5. Showcase: Finally, the library can host a showcase or exhibition where participants can display their creations and talk about the design process and programming behind their projects. This can be a great way to inspire others and generate interest in STEM and robotics.

Overall, the Hummingbird Kit can be a great way to engage library patrons in hands-on, creative learning experiences that promote STEM skills and encourage curiosity and exploration.

Hummingbird Kit

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