AI in the Library

While AI holds tremendous potential for libraries, it also comes with significant concerns and the potential for harm. We find ourselves sailing uncertain waters; there are few guardrails governing AI's use. Even as we acknowledge this truth, we must also note that library staff are already experimenting with the use of AI chatbots (most commonly […]

AI & 3D Sandbox: Experiment, Learn, & Enjoy!

This interactive and hands-on workshop allows you to play and experiment with new tools which will spark ideas for the future of your library and community activities. It focuses on OpenAI’s API and how to get started building personalities in AI. It explores various tools to create AI images, videos, and more. Filled with tips, […]

Cybersecurity: Privacy, Protection, & Implications of AI

Protecting privacy and security while leveraging technology to accomplish positive change is becoming a serious challenge for individuals, communities, and businesses. This workshop, led by expert leaders and practitioners, covers personal and organizational privacy as well as top security issues for libraries and their communities, especially the implications of AI. If you don’t have a […]

Games & Gadgets Networking Evening

This year’s networking event focuses on STEAM programs for schools, libraries, and other community venues. It highlights tools, techniques, and lots of ideas for supporting hands-on practices to excite our learning communities. Keerthi Vijay, STEAM for Libraries Co-Founder, Team STEAM, and freshman at NYU Stern, and Amanda Sweet, technology innovation librarian, Nebraska Library Commission, join […]

Leading in an AI World

What is it going to take moving into the future with the speed of change with respect to many things, but especially technology? This discussion considers many aspects and helps to frame the future for libraries as they develop skills and plans to move ahead successfully in their communities.

Are You Smarter Than an AI Game Show

Get ready for an electrifying session that takes the classic TV game show Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? to a whole new level! In this exciting twist, we’ll explore the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence and pit our wits against the power of machine learning.  Join us as we embark on an adventure where human […]

Community Health & Welfare: Seniors & Memory Care

Memory care is becoming a huge topic in libraries around the world. How do we support seniors and their caregivers affected by conditions such as Alzheimer's or dementia? This session explores tools, tips, and program ideas to enable your library to include these groups and empower them to use the library in a safe and […]

Documenting a New Dimension of History Using XR

Learn how capturing and documenting events in XR can deliver a new dimension to storytelling. From immersive 360 video to 3D environments. XR and the Metaverse bring history to life allowing the learner to experience it as if they were there. 

PLAN Tech Day an immersive experience and explore the latest trends and applications in technology in libraries. PLAN Tech Day includes interactive breakout sessions and a chance to use new and popular technologies. PLAN Tech Day will focus on collaboration, learning, and innovation. Attendees will get:A deeper understanding of current and future technologiesProgramming ideas for users of all […]

Tech Summit: Embracing Innovation and Practical Solutions us for an empowering Tech Summit for NJ library staff, scheduled for May 9, 2024, at the SHI facility in Somerset County. This day-long event will feature a keynote presentation on Strategic Insights: Navigating Library Technology Trends and a series of targeted breakout sessions, all aimed at exploring the latest in library technology. Our goal is […]