Harnessing Innovation: Making Libraries a Haven for All Ages with Assistive Tech

https://floridalibrarywebinars.org/event/harnessing-innovation-making-libraries-a-haven-for-all-ages-with-assistive-tech/ Ever thought about how a library can transform lives with just a bit of tech magic? Join Brian Pichman from the Evolve Project, in this groundbreaking webinar that’s all about pushing boundaries with assistive technology in our libraries. We’re not just talking books and databases here; we’re exploring cutting-edge tools and creative approaches to turn […]

Making AI Work For You

https://floridalibrarytraining.com/As AI continues to evolve, there are more and more opportunities to use it within your environments and everyday work life. In fact, you probably have been using some form of AI over the last 10 years.  This session is focused on highlighting some key products that allow a very "turnkey" approach to AI — whether […]

Internet of Things

https://mdtechconnect.org/md-tech-connect-extended/Discover the transformative potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) in library environments. This session delves into how IoT technologies can revolutionize library services and enhance user experiences. Attendees will explore practical applications of IoT in libraries, such as smart library spaces, sensor-based resource management, and personalized user interactions. Gain insights into the benefits and […]

Unleashing Creativity with AI: Art and Video in Libraries

You may be thinking, ok, AI is just another buzzword that has superseded 3D printing, VR, and AR.    In this webinar we will be exploring some things you may not have heard about with AI as it relates to creating art and video.  More over, we will show you some tools that make editing content easy. […]