Learning Type:: Coding, Robotics

MOSS is a robot construction system from Modular Robotics. Each block is a different part of a robot and combining those blocks in different ways yields a multitudinous variety of robots. Think of them as building blocks for the 21st century; designed to help kids invent and build their own robotic creations. The goal of MOSS is to impart intuitive understanding of complex systems and design principles. Within the MOSS system, kids begin to build an understanding of mechanical construction, basic circuitry, kinematic motion, robotics, software integration, and programming.

MOSS is remarkably intuitive. Color-coded faces indicate how each block works and, by snapping blocks together, kids create not only the physical body of the robot, but its behavior too. There's no programming required, the robot is "programmed" by how its blocks are put together. Once you understand the basic principles there is no limit to what you can create. Power or data are passed through an elegant single button contact, while ground is passed through the steel spheres.