#InternetLibrarian - PreConference

This year for the Internet Librarian conference, Jane has come up with some awesome ideas, that I'm super excited to share and be part of.  

This year join Nate Hill, Tod Colegrove and myself for an entire interactive workshop on Makerspaces, Idea Labs, and Hackerspaces.  With us are individuals from littleBits, Hopscotch, LightUp, Twenty One Toys, Brown Dog Gadgets, and more.  So, its going to be SUPER interesting to see all the vendors talking about libraries and makerspaces and the roles their technologies play.  

Sound Egg

Looking for some of the coolest furniture that offers a level of sound proofing, comfort, and fun? Sound Egg would be your solution!  You are able to hook up any device that can output an audio signal, and play it through the chair's speakers. The chair is shaped like an egg and covered with sound-proofing foam to offer a great level of privacy, ideal for teen spaces who want to listen to music.  

RoBo 3D Printer

Your R1 +Plus ROBO 3D Printer is automatically set to a 9 point leveling system every time it starts a print. No longer have to worry about adjusting or leveling your bed manually. Get better 3D prints right when you plug in the machine for a long lasting time, EVERY time!



What is the 3Doodler?

3Doodler is the world’s first (and best!) 3D printing pen. It works by extruding molten plastic that cools and hardens instantly, allowing you to literally draw up in the air.

Where does 3Doodler fit in?

3Doodler is well-suited to a range of educational disciplines, including STEM subjects, art, design and vocational topics, as well as creating instant tactile learning aids for the visually impaired.