We love to hear from you at the Evolve Project. Co-Founder and Director of Strategic Innovation, Brian Pichman, has presented and keynoted at a variety of conferences around the country.  Brian spends most of his time presenting at conferences, and would love to present at your next conference. 

Whether you are a library looking to expand or even start a makerspace, a start-up looking to become involved with libraries and the endless possibilities they offer, or if you are looking for someone to present at your next event please reach out to us.  If you have questions on anything on our website we love to hear from you. Regardless, we welcome all feedback and comments. Looking forward to hearing from you.  

Phone: (360) 386-5832
Email: [email protected]

The Evolve Project operates out of Chicago, IL; but we have presented and reached a global audience; in both academic and public libraries. We take great pride in helping libraries and librarians achieive success around the world, and through the use of innovative technology and inspirational learning spaces.  To further create success, the Evolve Project partners with a variety of companies; both big and small; and leveraging our resources together we expand the capabilities of libraries. If you are looking to contact one of the start-ups you may have heard us talk about, we can facilitate in introductions or assitance if need be.