#InternetLibrarian - PreConference

This year for the Internet Librarian conference, Jane has come up with some awesome ideas, that I'm super excited to share and be part of.  

This year join Nate Hill, Tod Colegrove and myself for an entire interactive workshop on Makerspaces, Idea Labs, and Hackerspaces.  With us are individuals from littleBits, Hopscotch, LightUp, Twenty One Toys, Brown Dog Gadgets, and more.  So, its going to be SUPER interesting to see all the vendors talking about libraries and makerspaces and the roles their technologies play.  

Dash and Dot

Dash is your first real robot friend. Packed with sensors and capabilities, Dash will race, dance, sing, and even respond to a child’s voice and become a loyal partner in fun. Ready to play right of out of the box, Dash can speed around the house, lights blinking, wheels squealing with the apps Go and Path. With Blockly and Wonder, Dash transforms into the responsive robot pet or friendly coding companion a child has always wanted. And our apps will teach your child to code while they’re having fun adventures with Dash.


Sphero is the world's first app-enabled robotic ball and a sophisticated companion for your smartphone or tablet. Learn, play, and explore with this awesome robot.

Sphero 2.0 rolls at speeds of up to 4.5 mph and pairs to your device via Bluetooth with a range of up to 100 feet. Powered by induction charging, Sphero 2.0 is three times brighter than the original and is pet proof, waterproof, and ready for any adventure. As a bonus, 2 ramps are included in each box and you can choose from over 30 apps to launch a whole new world of mobile gameplay.


MOSS is a robot construction system from Modular Robotics. Each block is a different part of a robot and combining those blocks in different ways yields a multitudinous variety of robots. Think of them as building blocks for the 21st century; designed to help kids invent and build their own robotic creations. The goal of MOSS is to impart intuitive understanding of complex systems and design principles. Within the MOSS system, kids begin to build an understanding of mechanical construction, basic circuitry, kinematic motion, robotics, software integration, and programming.


Using an Ipad device, you can build your own games using Hopscotch's intuitive interface.  Simply choose the character you wish to program, drag and drop the conditions, and you are on your way to becoming a developer.  This app is FREE and perfect for people who are just getting into Computer Science and also wonderful for avid developers.  

Hummingbird Kit

The Hummingbird Robotics Kit is a spin-off of a six year (and on-going) research project at Carnegie Mellon's CREATE lab. The project began in 2006 as Robot Diaries, which aimed to create an after school engineering and robotics activity that could appeal to middle school girls as much as or more than to boys.


The Finch Robot is a product from Birdbrain Technologies.

Finch works by plugging into a computer and loading up a program called Snap! (a varient of Scratch). Then, depending on your skill level, you can drag and drop arrows into the programming interface to make the bird move.  Or, if you are an advance technie, use more of the advance commands and add situational environmental variables to make the bird interact when it sees light, objects, etc.  



Ozobot provide everyone an expressive way to learn and play with robotics in a variety of social and interactive settings. Ozobot comes to life simply by choosing specific color patters with paper, game boards and digital screens. Ozobot teaches you how to code through drawing. Learn robotic behavor simply by creating a maze and letting the robotic trace the maze; reading color patterns of your choosing to make it faster, slower, turn right, turn left, and so much more.