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I assume you’re wondering why I'm reaching out with a link via blog post.  First, I cannot fit all these details in a twitter message, no matter how hard I try (Plus didn't wanna over whelm you with a tweet wave).

First things first. My name is Brian Pichman, and I'm extremely passionate about the library world, and my number one goal is to provide unique and extra special community add-ons; not just for my library, but libraries world wide. The Evolve Project, is an open-source, non-for-profit team of two people (myself and Dave Hesse), who are reaching out across the non-typical library borders and attempting to bridging the digital divide.  All the projects we work on, are provided on this website as we move forward and grow.  

So enough about us. Now why did I tweet you?

I need some great assistance in a very large number of projects. One such project is building a Recording Studio for teens and children. This is a three step process that I could most certainly use your expertise and suggestions on. Step 1) obviously obtain funding.  If you know of any sources or Recording Labels looking to help support new projects and ideas, I would love to get in touch with them.  I'm fine with labeling the recording studio with "Label Record Name".  Step 2) what equipment do I need. The users of this recording studio will be from ages 12 and up.  I'd like to have stand in equipment as well (Guitar, Keyboard, Electric Drum Set).    And lastly, and probably most importantly, I need you as role models for the teens. Once the recording studio is up and running, I invite you to randomly tweet about a song you may have heard from the recording studio .We will be setting up a free DRM download site as well, so that the new recording artists may get noticed, and people can download their music and listen.  Also, invite people to use our freely accessible Recording Studio.  In the long run, I'd die a happy person if you even provide a program (30 minutes) and talk about music; what inspires you and so forth.  We can set up a Google Hangout or a Skype Session.  

Now, why do all this? Our schools in the area are cutting back music programs, and music, I feel, is very important to our ever day lives. I love music, and so does our community (and surrounding communities).  Also, some of the population cannot afford musical equipment, let alone a place to play and record. This would be their enabler.  And Lastly, I want more interaction from the youth of our population to our library. I want to see the youth proud of their work, and want to come to the library - as well as record their next big hit!

Who knows, if all goes well, we will inspire a large amount of children and teens, who may even be openers at your next concert performance.  So please, if you are interested in helping with this project, please email my personal email at [email protected] so we can get the ball rolling. 

Thanks for your time,

Brian Pichman

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