Cubetto Kickstarter

I do not usually write something about a Kickstarter, but this one calls for attention! 

My amazing friends of Primo Toys based in London is running a kickstarter for their flagship product, Cubetto.  Why am I so excited about their product? Its one of the very first programming toys that teaches the concept of programming away from a computer screen.

The product has an incredibly low floor; allowing for anyone, starting at the age of 3, to learn the basics of programming.  It consist of the robot Cubetto (and everyone loves robots!), and a board.  By placing specific blocks on the board (one means move right, one means move left, one means move forward, and another set of blocks call out specific functions), you can make the robot move.  No advance coding and no need for a computer. Its a simple, tactile play, based environment, ideal for entry coders and programmers.

The game play uses a World Map and a Story Book, where young programmers instruct and help Cubetto explore and move by building strings of commands on the board using the command blocks.  

So that I like! For me; having to set up a tablet or a PC to talk to a learning gadget (especially since I have too many) is time consuming. Cubetto is ready to go! One of the things that is always a painpoint is pairing devices. Cubetto pairs to the board via bluetooth.  Whats really nice about Cubetto is that a specific cubetto doesn't have to be paired to a specific board. Simply by placing them on top/next to each other they will pair.   I also love wood toys, ever since I started to play with the Empathy Toy, I have a strange passion for wooden toy sets.  

I could talk forever about Cubetto; but you should check out their Kickstarter page here: 

Theres less than 48 hours to go, so help them reach their stretch goals! I backed them by buying a t-shirt, because I can never get enough cool t-shirts.

I should also talk to about why this is great for libraries. I'll first direct you to check out this link.  But at its core, the Cubetto is just like every other robot toy on the market; with one exception. It can be programmed without the use of another device/screen, and its intuitively designed for young learners to learn cause and affect, trial and error, and best of all, programming.  


Kickstarter Link

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