Cubetto Kickstarter

I do not usually write something about a Kickstarter, but this one calls for attention! 

My amazing friends of Primo Toys based in London is running a kickstarter for their flagship product, Cubetto.  Why am I so excited about their product? Its one of the very first programming toys that teaches the concept of programming away from a computer screen.

#InternetLibrarian - PreConference

This year for the Internet Librarian conference, Jane has come up with some awesome ideas, that I'm super excited to share and be part of.  

This year join Nate Hill, Tod Colegrove and myself for an entire interactive workshop on Makerspaces, Idea Labs, and Hackerspaces.  With us are individuals from littleBits, Hopscotch, LightUp, Twenty One Toys, Brown Dog Gadgets, and more.  So, its going to be SUPER interesting to see all the vendors talking about libraries and makerspaces and the roles their technologies play.  

New Site, New Layout

Welcome to our new website! Thanks for visiting and thanks for your patience as we build a new experience for you. Coming soon, our some really great features we are excited about. One of which is a AI overlay. To build collaboration faster and the sharing of ideas, we are building a "shopping" like experience, were you can pick out things you are interested in, receive instant information about your selection, and then set up meetings with parties involved.

We also cleaned up the website and added a bunch of new secrety features to it, including an SSL certificate. In the near future, we will be opening our website to allow people to have dedicated pages and logins to share ideas and comments.  

A Review of The Empathy Toy from @21Toys

Based in Canada, there is a hip and new company called Twenty One Toys (@21Toys) that creates games that foster and improve interpersonal skills such as empathy, failure, collaboration, and creativity.  One of the toy sets is called The Empathy Toy, which consist of two sets of different sized blocks, textures, and designs.  The concept of the game is simple. One person(s) (called the observer) builds a set of blocks while the other two participants are blindfolded.  That person then gives one of the blindfolded members (the guide) the block set – who has to instruct the other blindfolded person (the builder) how to recreate the set…not so simple! 

littleBits Space Kit Review

littleBits, a very groovy and innovative company based in New York, is constantly pumping out awesome new products.  Their model is fairly simple. Provide low cost “bits” that allow people to build and prototype things using no programming and no soldering.  These simple “bits” are circuits (called modules) snap together through magnets; each with very unique properties; whether it be an action (switch, knob, sensor) and a result (fan, noise, light). 

I recently had a chance to experience the new “Space Kit”.  Before I go on anymore; you must know two things about me.

#CILDC Conference and Personal Updates

I know this is a bit late, but earlier this month I had the opportunity to present and attend the Computers in Libraries conference in Washington DC. If you are looking for an awesome conference to attend, its between that one and Internet Librarian in California. Hands down, my favorite international conference. This year I hosted the gaming and gadgets night; and there was a LOT of fun tech out. Here is that list here: (List of Awesome Tech). A few amazing people donated stickers and fun swag like Modular Robotics, Sifteo, and Birdbrain Technologies.  Others like LittleBits, Tiggly Shapes, Electroninks gave away their products.  I'll have to dig up those photos of the winners and show their happy faces winning!

What I've Been Up To

I realize I haven't posted anything in a while, been crazily busy.  Still catching up with #CES2014, follow up calls and emails with a variety of people.  Things are really getting big here at the Evolve Project.  I'm also super happy to see more talk and collaboration between libraries and start-ups, especially by #SWSWLAM group ( Most notably, John Chrastka of EveryLibrary is doing great things and involving more start-up spirit within library spaces.  If you aren't following the amazing things these folks are doing, you should start now.  This is a super exciting time for libraries, and I hope more people are doing things like they are.

What I Learned in 2013 - Corporate Life

Well, better late than never for this post.  This idea I borrowed from Justin Hoenke last year (Link To Justin's Blog) where I wrote my own little post about how I found libraries to be mesmerizing.  Here is review from last year ( Link). But now, on to this last year, Year 2013, the year I ventured into Corporate Land.  

A (Critical) Review of @GoogleGlass #throughglass

I'll preface this by saying: "I don't own a glass" but received a few invite codes to purchase a $1,500 piece of tech and had the opportunity to get it for $1,000; and still haven't gone to actually purchase it.  I have used it and played with it; so here are my thoughts. I see all technology as tools, and who ever offers me the best tool at the best price is the winner. One thing that was confirmed over and over again while I was at CES is that there is more and more wearable technology coming out.  The ones that survive are trendy, hip, and fashionable.  Theres nothing special about these wearable technologies, we have had the technology in place for years. The difference is how the assortment of sensors interact and how they provide you information.  

Improving children and young people’s engagement with libraries

Here is a great article that I had published with an organization called CultureHive. If you have not heard of them, check them out here: . They are part of the Arts Marketing Association in the UK and doing really great things. CultureHive curates all this awesome information as it relates to cultures, organizations, case studies, etc. They have been doing a lot of really interesting work with finding people in library land doing great library things (as well as marketing studies about libraries). I was lucky enough to be asked to write two different articles. Here is one of those two articles below: Improving children and young people’s engagement with libraries