• Quick Update

    First Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, hope everyone is enjoying their time off in some way or another. I have been busy putting an office together so I may work on the Evolve Project software pieces (interactive book ends, improved library cards, digital cards, etc).  Other than that, I still have a few updates to the site to do, which I hope to get accomplished within the next few days.  


  • Crazy Errors on Site - Resolved

    In the new Drupal Core, apparently if a module has a structure such as FOLDERNAME/FOLDERNAME/FOLDERNAME.PHP it causes the update protion of the site to reduplicate over and over the word FOLDERNAME...so here is error. Apparently its a mix of cache issues and registry issues.  

  • What I Learned In 2012 - Become A Library Rockstar

    Inspired by Justin Hoenke's blog on A Few Things I learned in 2012 I decided to write my own


    Basically in 2012 I learned how to become a library rockstar.  It was a difficult journey and I had to overcome a lot of obstacles and barriers but I'm happy to say I loved it all.  Anyone can be a library rockstar, and these are a few things I think made a difference.

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  • Moving On But Going Forward

    My last day at the Mokena Library will be Friday, December 14th 2012.  Throughout my time here, I started off as a page at the age of 16... (November 2004) and essentially it was only a "job" then. Through the opportunities that the library presented me, I was able to grow myself into an Informational Technology specialist assisting the patrons with basic computer questions and working along side LightHouse Technologies, the libraries outsourced IT help. I then was promoted to circulation clerk at the age of 18 as well as overlapped paging duties.

  • ReBlog - Justin Hoenke: A Few Things I Learned in 2012


    Once Thanksgiving hits, I get into a particular mood that lasts until around right after dinner on December 25th (yup, I’ve narrowed it down that much).  This mood finds me slowing down, reflecting, and thinking back to what has  happened to me over the past year.  I look back at what I’ve learned and try to summarize that into a nice little package that I can carry into the new year.  It helps me grow as a person because that’s what I believe one of my major jobs as a human being is…to keep growing and being the best Justin I can be.