• Sifteo Cubes - A Review

    The Evolve Project received their Sifteo Cubes on March 16th - in which caused us to stay later to set up and explore.  Here is the story of our experience and our plans to use them in the Evolve Project.


  • A Real Interactive StoryBoard

    Children (by definition) love interaction sounds and colors.  In the next few months, Dave and I will be developing a tablet interface to allow for the most interactive bookends yet seen. First, what is an interactive book end? This is our little phrase to define what's at the end of the shelves. This is one of our key features in the new Children's Area. Your thoughts and comments are very welcomed!

  • Servers, Firewalls, Disasters Oh My!

    I've become lucky enough to meet the right vendors and the right solutions. Our network is one of a kind, designed and implemented by yours truly.  In this network environment, our data lines are from Comcast (Cable) and ICN (ATT/T1 Line).  These are the two ISPs that help with our library's data traffic and outbound network (along with the necessary NAT Policies to allow for remote access, ezproxy, and so forth).   These both port into a SonicWall, using a WAN Balancer as well, to help keep speeds up/ if one of the lines goes out, failover will occur. They speak to each other round-robin, so the two ISPs take turns with the data, and have max thresholds as well.  Some people say this shouldn't be done, since packets can be loss, logins in regards to same IP will be dropped if ISP is changed, and so forth.  I have yet had this issue.

  • Laser Tag @ Your Library

    Dave and I are big fans of 1saleaday.com and woot.com. If you haven't checked out those sites yet, I urge that you to do so.  They recently had a sale for laser tag sets; that upon further research, was overly cool. After discussing the idea and concept to the Teen Services Librarian, we then brought this idea up with our Executive Director.  From here, after getting approval, we then ordered, set up and tested.