• I'm Now Part Of The Blogging World

    Why am I blogging, because its what I heard all the cool kids do these days. Also, I feel there is a lot of knowledge somewhere in my big head that I should share with the rest of the world. Through this blogging, I hope to meet new people and make new experiences. More over, since the theme of this blog is "Evolve" in terms of technology and space design; I feel that its necessary to keep people posted on what I do, and also the things I read. Maybe, someone; somewhere can use some of my ideas; and we can work together in building that experience in their location or environment.

    Since I have much new coding to do in this lovely Drupal CMS, I'll have to cut my intro short. If all goes well, It should pull itself into my own dedicated blog at briansblog.evolveproject.org

    *crosses fingers*